Book your stay in Paradise! At Inn Of The Sea

“We have never stayed in a more beautiful place. Literally breathtaking views.
We will return again and again! We have found our dream retreat.”

- Jim and Gloria Angus, Ontario.

This brand new executive, two bedroom, two full bathroom vacation suite at Inn Of The Sea, feels like you are actually on a cruise ship, with a 270 degree view onto low bank, and open ocean. Upon arrival your senses are immediately enlivened with air that is fresh from the salty sea, and with wafts of wood smoke from warming fireplaces.

Designer furnished with granite countertops , wood cabinetry, skylights, top stainless steel appliances, amazing media centre, and heated floors, this penthouse offers you an upscale urban environment while enjoying the raw nature that surrounds you. From the moment you enter the suite you are stopped in your tracks with the stunning beauty seen out of each and every one of the giant picture windows. Each vista boasts of centuries old cedar and arbutus trees, expansive sky, and an emerald cove. Watch the tide come and go, caressing the shore with pristine waters. It’s a snorkeler’s , hiker’s, kayaker’s and a swimmer’s dream come true.

The majestic snow capped Vancouver Mountains are in the distance, and the ocean is on fire with each morning’s sunrise. This panoramic wonder is yours from the master bedroom, living room, kitchen and the private covered deck. It truly is a corner of heaven. Drift into deep sleep with the gentle lapping of ocean waves, and awake to glorious bird song. Let the soul quenching beauty of pure unadulterated nature blanket you in gratitude for being alive.

The Yellow Point area, with it’s banana belt weather, has long been acknowledged as a place of spiritual power. You will no doubt see why it has garnered such acclaim. If you are looking for the ultimate ocean side vacation, Paradise beckons...
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